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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bush Rejects Calls for Iraq Withdrawal

To those democrats who call for an abrupt withdrawal: you're stupid, period. Saigon, Beirut, and Somalia should have taught you better.

82 Die in Attacks on Iraq Mosques, Hotel

Thousands of Jordanian demonstrated against the terrorists bombings in Amman. That's good news since it's a very very rare thing in the Middle East. Now, when will we see demonstrations against the daily massacre of innocent Iraqis by the same terrorists who struck Jordan.

Hello! Terrorists Desecrated the Quran

"Suicide bombers struck in eastern Iraq and the capital on Friday, killing at least 74 Shiite worshippers near the Iranian border and eight Iraqis at a hotel — the second attack against a compound housing Western media and contractors in less than a month.

At sunset, hours after the nearly simultaneous bombings of two mosques in the border town of Khanaqin, dozens of people were still searching for relatives and friends. Others collected shredded copies of the Muslim holy book, the Quran."

Will we see demonstrations against this desecration of the Quran by terrorists? Most probably not. Why? Because of the almighty H factor: hypocrisy.

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Situation back to normal in France after riots: police

"Only" 98 vehicles were burned today!


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