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Sunday, November 06, 2005

'ello? Kin I spek wit Jeorge?

I couldn't stop laughting when I read this comment on the Little Green Footballs. The comment was to a post on the riots in France:

"Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

This might be wrong, but man can I just hear this in my head:

Ring, ring, ring.

Good evening, White House switch board.

(insert French accent) 'ello? Kin I spek wit Jeorge?

I am sorry sir, who are you trying to reach?

Jeorge, Jeorge Bush! The President.

I am sorry sir, he is not available, would like you like to leave a message?

This is Jacques Chirac, I am the President of la Republique Francaise, and I demand to spek to the President!

Um, sir, he really is not available- he is in Argentina.

Sacre bleu! Hokay, I will spek wit Sheney.

Please hold, sir.

(pleasant music)

Um, sir, he said he has nothing to say to you.

But, but, ee must spek wit me! I want eem to send the soldjers, again. Paree, she is burning.

Please hold, sir.

(pleasant music)

Sir, he told me to tell you that you will have to get the UN's permission to send troops in, and that you are exaggerating- Paris is not burning, the suburbs of Paris are burning, and the United States will not commit troops based on your faulty information.

But, but, ...

Thank you for calling the White House, sir. Good Night."

I love the ending!

Now, excuse me my dear French readers, I love you but your media has stripped American naked over Katrina. Now it's the Americans turn to laugh, even though I'm sure they wouldn't hesitate to save Paris one more time (am I correct here Americans?)

Canadian counter- terrorism investigators have dismantled a suspected terrorist cell in Toronto

It's all Canada's fault. Canada should end its occupation of Iraq NOW!


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