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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I Disagree with The Sandmonkey

Egyptian Sandmonkey posted a number of pics of what he called Ninjas or the all covered up MB female supporters. He then commented on every pic he posted. I would like to disagree with some of what he said.

2 young girls

Sandmonkey says: Too young to vote, not too young to get coverd.

I say: These 2 girls reached puberty and so they have the ability to entice walking sperms on the street. And just for your info, we're mammals and male mammals tend to sniff menstruation blood to know whenever to jump.


Sandmonkey says: And all age groups (notice the tiny veiled girl held by her mom in the cnter-left of the picture? According to her parents she is old enough to entice men to sin and therefore must be coverd. Nice, huh?)

I say: Yes she is old enough to entice men to sin. Didn't you hear of perverts before? The veil will protect the baby from perverts. In addition, what if the baby girl passed away for some reason? Do you want her to meet God with uncovered hair? Her parents want to guarantee her paradise even at such an early stage of her life.


Sandmonkey says: "You mean I have to take my glove off to dip my finger in the ink? You mean I will have to expose my hand for everyone to see? But then they will get all kinds of sinful masturbatory thoughts and urges from viewing the exposed sexy flesh on my finger. Oh God, is there no other way?"

I say: Yes. A finger is a sex object. Don't you know of the expression "give him the finger". Do you want this lady to expose such a dangerous member of her body. Besides, a finger is a sex tool. You refered to "masturbatory thoughts" right?


Sandmonkey says: And last but not least, I leave you with an MB election observer. Doesn't she look great?

I say: So you're being sarcastic here Sandmonkey. I don't like this attitude. This lady is the perfect antedote to ballots forgery. She looks scary and so the government employed election workers will think twice before pissing her off.

N.B: Above text is tongue in cheek!


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