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Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm Still the Boss Here, Says Regime

We all know the Muslim Brotherhood candidates managed to do so well in stage 1 of the parliament elections. Several media outlets reported that the MB managed to obtain several seats in key areas. Well, the government is not letting that happen yet.

The "official" numbers indicate that many MBs who did well will have to go through a second election with National Democratic Party members. In fact, only 4 MBs managed to secure a seat last Wednesday. The others will have to go through the second elections.

Our parliament elections system entails that only candidates who managed to win a 50%+1 majority will secure a seat without going through the second elections which are literaly called "repetitions". It is very clear that a lot of ballots were rigged so that the MB won't obtain the seats that voting gave them even though it is expected that the MB will increase their share of the parliament during these elections.

If these elections were to point out something, then it has to be the weakness of the secular and liberal (reformist/progressive) parties. These entities have a long way to go and a lot of very hard work to do before influencing the masses. That would be very hard simply because these guys don't have "Allah" and the "Quran" by their side. The MB do.


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