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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Naked Mona

Mona Eltahawy, a New York-based journalist and a columnist for the pan-Arab daily Al Sharq Al Awsat, appeared on Al Hurra not many days ago to discuss Egypt's parliamentary elections. The interviewer asked her if she considers the Muslim Brotherhood to be a "moderate Islamist group".
Mona refuted this and told him about what happened during a recent interview she had with Mehdi Akef, the MB's superior leader. She asked him if the MB were planning to alter the constitution if they reached power and whether that will include women issues.

Akef was firm in conveying his organization’s belief in full women rights. He gave her a proof to what he just told her. “See, you are now sitting with me even though you are naked” he said.

Naked? Yes naked. That was the word Akef used to describe Mona who does not don the head cover. Mr. Akef, the leader of all the MB branches around the world, considers an uncovered lady to be naked. Come on, we have to admit the Mb are so much fun to watch.


1. Bush is Good Now

My brother's ability to comprehend politics is below zero. That's probably why he gets influenced so easily by the anti-Americanism of our media. My brother is a staunch anti-Americanist and we often had arguments whenever we discussed US policy.

Brother is shocked these days. He tries to hide it but his disturbance is pretty obvious. The Muslim Brotherhood's victory destroyed every comfort zone he built around himself.

We were watching Al Jazeera together and an MB guy was being interviewed.

Bro: This damned channel is the mouthpiece of the MB and Al Qaeda.
BP: Yea
Bro: Bush was going to bomb it!

So, now Bush turns out to be a good guy after all!

2. Holy Man Wins Votes

A Plumber came to fix the drain in my house.

BP: Whom did you vote for?
Plumber: I don't have a voting card but the people I know voted for the MB candidate.
BP: Why?
Plumber: He is a man of God. Has good reputation in our area. He built us a garden where kids can play. He also opened a number of clinics.

Do you hear that secular parties??? Can you move your butts and start to at least do what the MB does? In a poor developing country like Egypt, meeting basic needs is all what elections are about. May be you don't have "Allah" on your side, however, at least try to woo those who don't get influenced so much by religious slogans.


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