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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Saudi Embassy Lies
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Reader Jonas emailed the Saudi embassy to protest against what happened to high school teacher Muhamed al-Harbi. And that was their reply:

"Thank you for your e-mail. Al-Harbi's crime was not that he opposesterrorism - whoever reported that is not telling the truth. Opposingterrorism is a good thing."

Ummm, well, what was al-Harbi's crime then? Can you please inform us of the crime he committed, the crime that lead to this terrible punishment? It seems that the Saudi Embassy in the USA didn't read the report of the SAUDI OWNED English paper Arab News.

The Washington Times has a report here.

Please keep those calls and emails going.

Saudi Embassy in USA

(202) 342-3800


Saudi Embassy in Great Britain (London)

Tel: +44 (0)20 7917 3000


Saudi Embassy in Canada

Phone: (001) 613 237 4100

Update: Here is the Saudi Embassy's reply to Jonas second email:

"Please be advised Arab News is not owned by the Saudi government. It is privately owned. I have not seen the article you referred to, but I will try to find it."

Ummm, so the Saudi embassy wants to tell us that Saudi has private owners of media who can publish and report whatever they want. Hallelujah, Saudi has free press!!

It seems that the embassy did in fact find out the article that details the true story of the brave Muhamed al-Harbi. How did I know they found the article? They blocked the Arab News site! I thought Arab News was private!

Update: After a period of time when Arab News couldn't be accessed, the site is up again. You can read al-Harbi's story here.


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