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Sunday, November 06, 2005

What I Suspected Came True

Committte to Protect Bloggers:

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights has spoken to Abdolkarim's aunt. She said Abdelhadi Seliman, Karim's brother, was told at the Bab Sharqi police station that his brother is, in fact, currently being detained. There are two detention centres in the vicinity of Alexandria, but it is not clear yet which one he is in. Human rights activists in Egypt think that by detaining Abdolkarim, State Security is protecting itself from the results of whatever trouble he may find himself in by clashing with the Islamist Fundamentalists in his neighborhood. They also said the best chance for Abdolkarim is to get him out of "emergency-law" detention and into a court to be tried for "religious contempt," for which he may receive a sentence of between six months and five years. The activists are hopeful that his young age and the recent sectarian strife events in his neighborhood would result in a short sentence. Abdolkarim, they say, is not coming out this year.

As Amr has said, "While the activists have their estimations, we bloggers live in a free world." In other words, we do not need to wait for common wisdom to play itself out.

In addition to the emails bloggers are sending to Egyptian embassies and consulates in their countries, it would be of benefit to put a petition for signing on the web, directed at the Egyptian Minister of Interior General Habib Ibrahim Habib El Adly Here is his email:

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We will try to do this later today, but if anyone has the wherewithal to do it sooner rather than later, let us know.


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