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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why you should always read The Big Pharaoh?

Do you remember when I asked you this question? I said that you should read the Big Pharaoh because he offers analysis that often turns out to be true.

Well, it happened again. Ever since Michael Jackson moved to Bahrain, I had this strong feeling that he won't live in the US again because he is afraid lest new charges rise up again. It's a pity I didn't post about how I felt.

Today the AP reported that Michael's father says his son will come back to the United States, but it's unlikely the King of Pop would ever make it his home again.

Now, remember many years ago when Michael settled a case with a family after paying millions? And he got out of the recent case as a result of hiring a multimillion dollar attorney. What guarantees that another kid won't speak up especially since 2 jurors said they regret Michael acquittal?

Michael Jackson's case should shed light on a major deficiency in the US justice system which is the use of money. If Michael was an average guy, he wouldn't have been able to hire such a skilled attorney and get acquitted despite the evidence he faced.


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