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Saturday, December 24, 2005

5 Years in Jail for Ayman Nour

Nour supporters weep after hearing the court's decision.

Ayman Nour has just been sentenced to 5 years in jail. I admit I never expected such a sentence given the attention that Egypt's regime is getting from the international community.

This ruling is such a shame for the simple fact that we are in a dire need for any liberal or secular opposition figure. Any liberal or secularist opposition figure for God's sake.

Now the issue is between the Egyptian government and the US administration. There is a lot of similarities between Nour's and the Saad Eddin Ibrahim's case, the human rights activist who was sentenced to 7 years behind bars yet was released as a result of US pressures. The judge who sentenced Nour today is the same guy who sentenced Ibrahim. And Ibrahim was released when he appealed. So the question is: will the US administration act in the same manner so that Nour might get released when the verdict is appealed? That's what many Nour supporters are hoping for even if they don't publicly admit it.


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