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Friday, December 09, 2005

7 terrorist suspects held in Spain

MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- Spanish authorities have arrested seven people suspected of financing the activities of Islamic terror groups, a Civil Guard spokesman says.

The raids took place in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain in the cities Malaga, Torremolinos and Marbella.

Spain should withdraw from Iraq NOW!

Remember when Spain withdrew its troops from Iraq after the Madrid bombings? How do you say appeasement in Spanish?

Suicide-bomber bicyclist kills seven, wounds dozens in Bangladesh

NETROKONA, Bangladesh - A suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself up in a crowded Bangladesh street, killing seven and wounding dozens in the latest attack authorities blamed on extremists wanting to create an Islamic state.

Hundreds of people had gathered on the narrow street on Thursday in the northern town of Netrokona after police safely detonated another bomb, found abandoned in a building, when the suicide blast sent shrapnel ripping through the air.

Among the injured was another bomber, who police said failed to detonate his explosives.

Bangladesh out of Iraq NOW!

See, terror is all because of US foreign policy!!


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