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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Al Qaeda does Tom and Jerry

Now this is something! A 5 minutes cartoon encouraging children to wage Jihad appeared on several Al Qaeda linked websites. The cartoon, which is named "The Terrorist", features attacks against US forces and suicide bombings.

Extremists on the websites praised the cartoon and commented that future cartoons should depend on dialogues between the characters and clear scenarios.

Isn't it a lovely interesting world!

Source: Al Arabiya (Arabic)

Algerian blogger Nouri has very insightful comments on how he thinks we, Arab countries, will one day or another learn it the hard way.

"Listen to me," I began again, "Algeria is not like Iraq anymore and it isn't like Afghanistan. Things are better there now. The girls aren't looking like ghosts all the time and there are music groups singing without fear. Algeria was not defeated Tahar. It's not an Islamic Republic. It doesn't have to be that way."

"Because Algerians know what Islamism is all about. It isn't abstract for them, it's totally concrete. It's misery and violence, and that's all. That's the fact of it on the ground, thirteen years of bearded bullies. Nobody wants to go back to that," I told him.

Read it all.

Algeria is definitely a country I will begin to study.


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