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Monday, December 12, 2005

The American University in Suleimania

Iraq now has an American university, it's in Kurdistan. Iraq's president and the US ambassador laid the foundation for the American university in Suleimania. An American university exists in Cairo, Beirut, and Dubai. The one in Beirut is the oldest, established in 1866.

Source: Radio Sawa (Arabic)

Ayman Noor is on a hunger strike. The court's decision on his fate is very soon. I still think he will be aquitted though. If he was sent to jail, then it would be very clear that the government really really wants to destroy him in spite of international pressures.

Source: Radio Sawa (Arabic)

Iraq's Army, Hospitals, and Prisons Vote

Reader kelly just returned from her trip to Egypt. She left a comment and I thought it would be interesting to share it with you.

HI BP,December 11, 2005

I just returned home from your country tonight. I was in Esna the night the election results were called. Our boat had just docked near the main street of town, suddenly there was a lot of noise and people cheering (it sounded like they were happy) it looked like there were several hundred (or thousand) people (men mostly) in the streets. Our boat pilot moved us to a spot closer to the tourist police and we stayed three nights. I was hopeing that the people were not cheering for the MB, it seems like maybe some were? Most of the other people on the boat had no idea what was going on, but since I read your (and other blogs) I knew exactly what was going on, (well at least i knew that it must have had to do with the election. I enjoyed my visit very much, of course I was on a tour seeing all the monuments, but since the Esna locks were closed we had to drive back and forth between Esna and Luxor each day so I was able to at least "see" from the bus, some of the country side, I saw alot of poverty, (also in Cairo and Giza ans Memphis) but mostly the people appeared to be happy, although it is evident that they work very hard all day, everyday, it seems.I think that doing anything to end, or reduce tourism and the money it brings in would be a huge mistake.

Everywere we went there were "bellydancer" dresses and there are many naked statues on the ancient drawings, do these MB not even see value in the ancient history, or do they just hate everything? I want you to know this also, never once did I, or anyone in my group of 16 travel agents, feel fear for our safty, I never felt as though anyone was trying to pick pocket me or steal my handbag, in fact we all felt very safe. HOWEVER, I want you and everyone to know that when got back to the US, while waiting for a connection flight in San Francisco, I put down my beautiful new book, " Silent Images, Women in Pharonic Egypt" for just a moment and looked away, and it was STOLEN, 10 days in Egypt, and nothing was taken, or even attempted, but I was back in the US for less than one hour and i became the victim of a crime. how's that for a nice welcome home??? anyway, i also wanted to point out that everyone was very kind, and the children were wonderful, always smiling and asking, "hello! what's your name".

Even in the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, I was not afraid, although it was somewhat overwhelming with all the shops and everying trying to get your attention, (lady,lady, you American? Howdy doodee!John Wayne!)I finally learned to say LA'A very firmly, make no eye contact and just keep walking. I did spend all my money, only about 600.00 US total over all the places we went (i am not wealthy by any means and this trip was what is called in our industry a "fam" trip) God willing, I will be back. It is my prayer that God will not allow the MB to gain any of the terrible things they want to do. Egypt is a treasure for the entire world. I go back to work the day af

oh sorry the last part of my last poost did not come thuougy, I was saying that when I go back to work day after tomorrow,I will be starting an agressive program to sell Egypt. If you are American, and you have ever dreamed of going to Egypt my all means you MUST GO AND GO NOW if you wait it may be to late, if the MB get their way the treasure that is Egypt will be lost to the world once again, we must all work to not ever let that happen.

Thanks Kelly and I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay. Do come back.

The MB will not do anything to the ancient monuments if they took over. They are not the Taliban, yet they're definitely not good enough.

Check out Michael Totten's second post on his trip to Cairo.

Beirut bomb kills anti-Syria MP

A prominent Lebanese anti-Syrian member of parliament and journalist has been killed in a car bomb attack in Beirut.

Since the killing of Mr Hariri, Christian and anti-Syrian areas have been the target of at least 14 blasts, says the BBC's Kim Ghattas in Beirut.

Mr Tueni was managing editor of the leading liberal An-Nahar newspaper, and an outspoken critic of Syria's occupation of Lebanon.

I really don't know who is targetting Lebanon's best anti-Syria journalists. I mean, I find it very hard to believe that Syria is the one doing it given the mess it's in. The world's spotlights are on Syria, can it still go on killing such high profile personalities in Lebanon? I have the feeling former pro-Syria Lebanese entities are involved. These folks lost a lot when Syria abandoned Lebanon.

French target 'Islamic network'

Police investigating suspected plans for attacks in France have arrested at least 20 people during raids in and around Paris.

French troops out of Iraq NOW!!

Police investigating suspected plans for attacks in France

I blame Bush, Cheney, and Rove.


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