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Friday, December 30, 2005

Breaking News: 10 Sudanese killed in Cairo clash

CAIRO, Egypt (CNN) -- Ten Sudanese refugees died and 30 others were injured in clashes with Egyptian security forces Friday, an Egyptian Interior Ministry spokesman said.

Three Egyptian police officers and 20 Egyptian soldiers were also injured in the clashes, which took place in an upscale Cairo neighborhood.

Hundreds of Sudanese had been living in the camp since it was set up September 29 as a protest against the U.N. refugee agency, whose offices are nearby, AP reported.

Their protest had been going on for over 3 months. I have seen their protest camp. Men, women, and children refused to abandon their camping area unless they know their final status as refugees. They just stayed there in the open air for 3 whole months! Thousands of Sudanese fled to Egypt during the civil war and the current Darfour crisis.

Update: Over 20 Sudanese refugees were killed, many of them children. It's so sad that their ordeal ended this way.


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