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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The charges against Mohamed al-Harbi were dropped last week. Another teacher was pardoned by the King of Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to those who called the Saudi embassy when I posted about al-Harbi's bogus charges.

Just a question your royal highness

Saudi Prince Donates $40M to Universities

BOSTON - A Saudi prince believed to be the wealthiest businessman in the Muslim world has donated $40 million for Harvard and Georgetown to expand their Islamic studies programs, the schools announced Monday.

"Bridging the understanding between East and West is important for peace and tolerance," Prince Alwaleed said in a statement issued by both schools.

Dear Prince Alwaleed,

I am one of your many admirers. I do have a question that's bugging me. I am sure Harvard and Georgetown include Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, athiest, etc students. And these students would definitely benefit from your very generous gift. Now my question is: does King Fahd University include a department for the studies of Christianity, Judiasm, and other religions?

If the answer is yes, then awesome. If the answer is no, then I have another question: don't Saudi students studying in Saudi need to have a "bridge between East and West" as well?!

I thought you were supposed to be Aussie as well

I was disgusted at the behavior of those drunk thugs who attacked people just because of their race. They didn't differentiate between the Lebanese thugs who were definitely bothering people there and between Lebanese beach goers and sunbathers. I am glad Australia's media and public took a stand against their neo-nazis.

On a different note, I noticed something that sheds light on the problem of immigrants in Western countries. I am not an immigrant and I would love to become one especially if the shit hit the fan here in Egypt. However, I am sure I would assimilate in the society I just emigrated to. If I discovered that it is hard to do so because of my culture, religion, beliefs, or whatever, I would simply pack up and leave.

I just read about how some Middle Eastern groups in Australia are planning to “retaliate”. One of them said “"The Aussies will feel the full force of the Arabs as one — 'brothers in arms' unite now”

Well, I thought you were supposed to be an Aussie as well. If I emigrated to Australia and later became an Australian citizen, I would definitely feel proud if people back home called me an “Aussie”. So, if you don’t consider yourself an Aussie, what the hell are you doing in Australia?


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