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Saturday, December 31, 2005


My wishes for 2006 (not ranked).

-Violence ends in Iraq. Iraqis manage to form a working government.

-Seculars and liberals move their asses to salvage whatever remaining to be salvaged and try to reach the Egyptian people. Government would be kind enough to back off and leave them alone.

-Revolution in Iran. Secular state established.

-Bin Laden caught or pronounced dead. Zawahri dies from a hellfire missile fired towards his anus.

-Condoleezza Rice announces she is running for president if Hillary stated she will run in 2008.

-Internal coup in Syria. Sensible figures within the Baath party take control without a collapse in the Syrian regime. They stop car bombs from going to Iraq and they leave Lebanon alone.

-Religious reformists find a voice across the Arab/Muslim world.

Last but not least,

-The Big Pharaoh gets a new template and continues his role within the blogosphere.

I am not wishing for much huh?


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