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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Iraq Elections Fever Hits Michigan

Tearing down posters and throwing paint at campaign billboards are daily occurrences in Iraq. The biggest victim of such tactics is Iyad Allawi and his list who is literally competing with the overly religious Shia list 555 (United Iraqi Alliance). Allawi's campaign headquarters were attacked in several southern Shia cities and Allawi himself was attacked in Najaf. Supporters of the list 555 and/or Muqtada Sadr's thugs were most probably the perpetrators of such actions.

It seems that this thing hit Dearbon today! And in case you didn't know, Dearbon is a city in the state of Michigan that has a sizable Iraqi American population. Iyad Allawi's campaigners in Michigan complained that their posters were being torn down and their billboards tainted with paint.

Interesting. It seems the only difference between campaigning in Baghdad and in Dearbon is the snow in Michigan!

Someone on the Iraqi website Iraqi Dewan said the following:

It might be normal for posters of the list 731 (Allawi's list) to get attacked in a poor neighborhood in Basra or in a local market in Naseriyah or on the walls of Sadr city. Yet it is abnormal for such actions to reach Dearbon, Michigan! Simply because we assume that our sons who are living in this city have learned a simple thing from this country (i.e the US) which is freedom of speech.

However, the people should not be blamed. The ones who are to be blamed are the apponents of the list 731 who want to force their views and exert their control over the entire city and on its kind people. By God, this is disgraceful.

The list 555 do have considerable support among Iraqi Americans, especially the zealots among the Shia. Those who are alarmed at the rise of religious parties in Iraq will definitely vote for Allawi.


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