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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Iraqi insurgents 'war criminals'

Iraqi insurgents are committing war crimes that undermine any claim they may have to be fighting a legitimate cause, Amnesty International says.

Someone pinch me. Someone shakes me. I can't believe it. Amnesty International is calling the terrorists in Iraq "war criminals". Wow, I must be dreaming!!!

Amnesty acknowledges that many Iraqi citizens agree with the aims of the insurgency, to rid their country of the US-led military presence.

And many many many Iraqis don't. What's your point?

It also stresses that the US and allies have themselves committed grave violations, including killings of civilians and torture of prisoners.
"But abuses committed by one side do not and cannot justify abuses by another," the rights group says.

Yea right. The US has deliberately blew up buses carrying Shia pilgrimages to Najaf! Yea, the US deliberately sent suicide bombers to blow up countless Shia mosques, funerals, and Kurdish wedding parties!!! It's interesting how AI is trying to equate the abuses here.

Dear AI,

Instead of your useless good for nothing report, why not make yourself useful and direct these question to the Arab/Muslim world: how can countless suicide bombers arise from your midst and get convinced that killing scores of Shia civilians in Iraq will buy them a ticket to heaven? Why not ask the Arab/Muslim world to pause and ponder about this menace of suicide bombers? Where were they indoctrinated? How they were indoctrinated? What mosques did they go to?

Instead of your useless report, you could have sent a letter to the religious leaders of Mecca asking them to demonstrate against what's happening to THEIR FELLOW MUSLIMS in Iraq?

In short, you could have done anything that might wake us up instead of talking about gulags (and retracting what you said) and equating the US with the murderer head choppers of Iraq.


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