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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The MB Parliament

Someone sent me an article that had a list of all the “great” discussions raised by Muslim Brotherhood members in parliament.

-Gamal Heshmat raised the issue of 3 books. The controversy the followed lead to the firing of a number of employees at the ministry of culture.

-Gamal Heshmat raised the issue of prevented a woman wearing the Niqab from entering the library of the American University in Cairo.

-Hassan Ibrahim called for the banning of alcohol and condemning whomever drinks it to receive 40 lashes.

-The MB bloc called for refusing US aid.

-The MB bloc raised the issue of the “Best Model” competition that was held in Sharm El Sheikh. Hussein Hassanein said “aren’t we Muslims? Isn’t Egypt an Islamic country? … naked bodies in Egypt and we are not ashamed of it!”.

-The MB bloc objected to Egypt’s joining of the Children Rights Agreement because this accord allow adoption which is forbidden in Islam.

-The MB members accused the government of limiting the teaching of religion and Arabic language in schools. They also raise their objection to the notion of “religious reform”.

-MB members calls for banning the importation of meat from the US and Europe because the cattle might have not been slaughtered according to the Islamic law (the Muslim Kosher)

-Ali Laban calls for gender segregation in schools.

-Mahmoud Moursi wanted to question the minister of culture because he permitted his ministry to establish a modern dancing school in Egypt.

-The MB bloc called for banning “kissing in movies” and naked statues and models in art schools. They also were against pop concerts in Egypt.

-Now, this is my favorite: An MB member called for the banning of Barbie dolls!

The MB bloc discussed all that while they were only 17 members in the parliament. Now that they are 88, I’m really looking forward to the awesome stuff they’ll raise in our new parliament!


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