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Monday, January 30, 2006

After expressing my disapproval of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-PostenÂ’s cartoons

After reiterating that I believe those cartoons were stupid, insulting, hurting, and lacked any intellectuality.

I still believe Jylland-Posten had the right to publish whatever it wants as long as it is not considered hate speech towards a particular people. The Prophet Muhammed is just like Alexander the Great, Jesus Christ, Moses, Buddha,Napoleon, Churchill, a historical figure subject to praise or criticism in any manner.

I also still believe Muslims need to grow up a little and pay attention to the more serious problems inflecting them. I would also like to remind them of a book currently being sold, The Da Vinci Code, that says Jesus had a love affair with Mary Magdalene. Christians around the world did not call for the boycott of an entire nation's products because a single book was written and published within the borders of this country. The church that used to burn its dissidents is doing nothing to The Da Vinci Code author. They grew up, when will you? For your info, the book did absolutely nothing to Christianity around the world.

For the above reasons I say it out loud


I encourage everyone to buy Danish products and compensate what might be lost as a result of the boycott.

For more info on Danish products go here.

To American consumers: Buy Arla Foods products, their US website is here.

I'm going to buy Lurpak butter tomorrow!


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