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Monday, January 02, 2006

Another Reason for Me to Worry

Malaysia is a beautiful country. Its economic and political state is better than Egypt and many other developing countries. Yet like nearly all Muslim countries that want to develop, Malaysia is currently undergoing a schizophrenic attempt to merge Sharia law with modern 21st century values and principles. The Asian tiger is failing in that regards simply because there is no way on God’s earth nor in His outer space for Shariah law to coincide with modernity. I have stated before that Shariah constitute a set of laws and regulations that were formulated hundreds of years ago and a total rethinking of these laws should be an integral aspect in any attempt to reform the Muslim faith.

Now, something dreadful happened in Malaysia that only added to my worries regarding the future of my country. One of Malaysia’s Islamic courts decided to bury the corpse of a Hindu man according to Muslim burial rituals because his colleagues said he converted to Islam even though his wife (i.e. his soul mate) disputed this claim. What made this case really disastrous was not the fact that the court ordered the man to be buried in a way that opposed the wishes of his family, but it was the fact that the man’s wife could not even attend the court’s hearing because she is a non-Muslim!

This happened in Malaysia. A majestic Asian country with a non-Muslim population of around 40%. Now, I’m wondering how would Egypt look like if Islamists had their way here.

This is why ladies and gentlemen I always said that democracy without religious reform is like sweeping a heap of dust under a nice looking carpet.


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