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Saturday, January 14, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Bye Bye Zawahiri??

This is just in:

Sources: Airstrike may have killed bin Laden's No. 2

(CNN) -- A CIA airstrike on a building in Pakistan may have killed Osama bin Laden's most-trusted aide, sources said.

The building where Ayman al-Zawahiri was thought to be is in Damadola, a small village near the Afghan border.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let it be true.

I really want to buy one of these drones.

Update: al-Qaida Leader Not at Site of Airstrike

DAMADOLA, Pakistan - Al-Qaida's second-in-command was the target of a U.S. airstrike near the Afghan border but he was not at the site of the attack, two senior Pakistani officials said Saturday. At least 17 people were killed.

"Their information was wrong, and our investigations conclude that they acted on a false information," said a senior intelligence official. His account was confirmed by a senior government official, who said al-Zawahri "was not there."

That's so sad. Sad because Zawahiri is still on this planet and sad because of the people who lost their life. It is very probable that "sources" tend to give the CIA wrong information in order to get rid of people. They have done that in Afghanistan. People falsely claimed the presence of the Taliban or Al Qaeda so that the US army would strike a competing war lord or tribal chief.

It is also very probable that Pakistan's intelligence agency, that had excellent connections with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, would never allow Zawahiri to be killed so they won't upset the tribal areas on the Pakistan-Afghan borders. I remember reading that it was the Pakistani intelligence who helped some al-Qaeda figures to escape when Egyptian secret agents were close enough to capture or kill them in Pakistan. The Egyptian agents were after them after Zawahiri ordered the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan.


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