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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hamas Asks Nations Not to Cut Aid

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- A Hamas leader asked the international community on Monday not to cut aid to the Palestinian Authority, insisting the money would go toward helping the Palestinian people and Hamas was willing to have its spending monitored.

''We in Hamas are ready to meet and have an open dialogue with the Quartet,'' he told a news conference in Gaza City. ''We assure you that all the money will be spent under your supervision.''

Oh, so now you're not the matcho man anymore. I once wrote about why the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is so powerful. I said that they depend on God and mammon. Without mammon, they can't reach out to people and tell them they're God's ambassadors on earth. Without mammon, Hamas wouldn't have managed to set up its massive social services network and provided services that the corrupt Fatah failed to provide.

So, Hamas shouldn't get a penny from the international community. If the international community is to respect the choice of the Palestinians, the choice of the international community should be respected as well.

It's so funny that those who told countless Palestinian youth that blowing themselves up in an Israeli shopping center will earn them a place in heaven are now concerned lest the donors turn off the tap. I mean, I am so upset with Hamas, they should have more faith than this!! (sarcasm)


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