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Sunday, January 22, 2006

McCain: U.S. Can't Be Held Hostage for Oil

WASHINGTON - A top Republican lawmaker said Sunday that America must explore alternate energy sources to avoid being held hostage by Iran or by "wackos" in Venezuela — an apparent reference to Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's populist president.

Could someone applaud this man. I have stated before that the US is addicted to 2 things that have crippled US foreign policy options: oil and military bases. The oil has prevented the US from pressuring the Saudi govenrment in matters concerning terror and radicalism. Military bases have prevented the US from pressuring Qatar to fire Al Jazeerah's top management and replace it with an anti-terror and anti-radicalism management team.

The US administration decided to postpone Egypt's Free Trade Agreement deal because it is disappointment with my government's political reform especially after November's parliament elections. The US administration can really pressure the Egyptian government much more than Saudi Arabia or Qatar. We don't have enough oil to sell and we don't grant military bases.


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