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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Palestinians Enter Egypt After Border Smash

RAFAH, Gaza Strip - Hundreds of angry Palestinians streamed into Egypt on Wednesday after militants with stolen bulldozers broke through a border wall, and two Egyptian troops were killed and 30 were wounded by gunfire in the rampage.

About 3,000 Egyptian Interior Ministry troops who initially had no orders to fire swarmed the border but were forced to withdraw about a half-mile, said security forces Lt. Sameh el-Antablyan, who announced the casualties.

The scene was one of utter chaos. An Egyptian armored vehicle was burning and hundreds of Palestinians could be seen crouched in farm fields just inside Egypt.

The rampage began late Tuesday, after Palestinian intelligence arrested Alaa al-Hams, an Al Aqsa militant, on suspicion he and his followers kidnapped human rights activist Kate Burton and her parents for two days last week.

This doesn't look good at all. Until when should we Egyptians bear the responsibility and the costs of other people's wars? My message to the Palestinians: you want a state and you got a mini state in Gaza. Look what some of you are doing even in this tiny strip. And no one can blame Israel and the occupation for such stupid horrible actions.

If Sharon died

- Can anyone fill his shoes?

- Who will lead the Israel out of more lands? Only Nixon can go to China, only Sadat can go to Jerusalem, and currently it appears that only Sharon can lead Israel out of Palestinian lands.

- What will happen to the new party he founded? The party is based upon his personality.

- Will President Mubarak attend the funeral? He is likely to attend along with Mahmoud Abbas and King Abdullah of Jordan. However, how will the public receive this? Sharon is one of the most hated people here.


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