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Monday, January 16, 2006

Pop-Ups? What pop-ups?

Several people complained that they get pop-up ads when they log on to my blog. I have nothing to do with these ads. I don't even see them when I log on to the blog from any computer. So if you know the source of these ads and how to get rid of them please shout out.

Update: I've removed the counter. Please tell me if pop-ups are still there. I don't want to remove webstats because its a good tool for me to monitor traffic. I will remove it only if it does bother many people with pop-ups. So please tell me if you're still having problems with pop-ups.

Update: VOTE NOW

Please vote now for whether I should remove webstat in order to stop pop-ups or not. I'm going to remove webstat only if 20% or more said that pop-ups really bother them.


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