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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pope: Church Duty Is to Influence Leaders

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI said in his first encyclical Wednesday that the Roman Catholic Church has a duty through its charitable work to influence political leaders to ease suffering and promote justice.

Benedict stressed that the state alone is responsible for creating a just society, not the church. But he said the church has the right and the duty to be involved in politics by helping "form consciences in political life and stimulate greater insight into the authentic requirements of justice as well as greater readiness to act accordingly, even when this might involve conflict with situations of personal interest."

Pope Benedict, we're having hard time convincing our "holy men" to keep their noses away from politics, so please don't tell me you have a duty to influence leaders. As far as my humble limited knowledge is concerned, I don't recall Jesus trying to influence Caeser!


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