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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Possible Future Headlines?


Egypt's Hosni Mubarak Dies from Heart Stroke

Chaos Engulf Egypt Political Future

Fathi Sorour, president of the parliament, becomes acting president.

Mubarak's son Gamal announces his bid to run for president

Democracy advocates express their fear of transferring Mubarak's mantle to his son.

Saad Iddin Ibrahim (human rights and democracy advocate): These coming elections will be no different from the elections that Mubarak held. There won't be any democracy under the National Democratic Party.

Unknown group of military officers, calling themselves the Righteous Officers, order their units to occupy army bases around Egypt

Righteous Officers seize control of the Egyptian army and isolate the minister of defense.

RO units surround the parliament, the national TV, and presidential palaces.

Gamal Mubarak and his family flee Egypt to Qatar on a private jet belonging to businessman Ahmed Ezz.

RO in total control of Egypt. They declare their willingness to hold free elections and adopt a democratic system based upon Islamic principles.

RO leader Gamal Abdul Montasser visit the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader.

"We were secret Muslim Brotherhood members when we were in the army under Mubarak yet the RO will not side with the Muslim Brotherhood during the coming elections" RO leader Montasser says.


Egypt witnesses first free elections

Muslim Brotherhood win Egypt elections

Gamal Abdul Montasser becomes Egypt's president.

Millions of Egyptians take to the streets to celebrate MB win

Secretary Rice applauds Egypt's democratic elections. Calls for the MB to respect rights and adhere to Egypt's peace treaty with Israel.

President Montasser assures that his government will respect human rights and rule according to Islamic principles.

Secularists shocked after Egypt elections.

Mantasser forms Shura Council to oversee Egypt legislation's adherence to Islam.

Secularists condemn Shura Council. 82% of Egyptians support Shura Council.

Islamic thinker and reformist Gamal al-Banna says dark days are ahead in Egypt


"Neither the holocaust nor even Hitler ever existed. Jews in Israel should move to Mozambique. Israel should be destroyed" says Mehdi Akef, spiritual leader of MB.

Israel Defence Force on high alert

Pro-Israel lobbies call for congress to terminate Egypt military aid

Mass exodus of Christians from Egypt

US terminate military aid

Egyptian blogger The Big Pharaoh leaves Egypt to Canada


Egypt young generation disillusioned by Egypt religious system

"There can't be any true freedoms without the elimination of the Shura Council and the separation of religion and politics" says Haitham Iddin Ibrahim, human rights and democracy advocate.

Shura Council bans books by secular Islamic thinker Sheikh Sayed Abdul Razek who announced that Islam is a religion only and not a religion and a state.

Head cover sellers run out of business as less Egyptian girls don the traditional head cover.


Is Allah Dead in Egypt?

Mosques use rock music and free sandwiches to draw worshippers

Massive demonstrations calling for a secular constitution in Egypt.


Egyptian quasi-democracy falls. Secular democratic state established.

World oldest blogger The Big Pharaoh dies. His body is buried in computer-shaped tomb on Nile's bank.


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