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Saturday, January 07, 2006

To the movies...

I went to see a movie today, "Daam el Ghazal" or "The Deers' Blood". I heard the movie delt with the issue of terrorism and how the slums of Egypt were the breeding grounds for the many terrorists who hit Egypt back in the early 90s.

I went anticipating a great movie that addressed what we're witnessing yet I was greatly disappointed. The movie lacked a sensible storyline, its makers failed in transforming such an important and interesting topic into a message that people return home with. The viewer would leave the cinema not knowing what the movie makers wanted to say. What a waste!

Anyway, I took pics of City Stars, the huge complex the houses the movie theater.







That's where I had dinner. Sbarro, the popular Italian food chain.


Banner advertising Amr Diab's latest album. Amr is Egypt and the Arab world top singer.


OK, I can stay forever here. The one and only Cinnabon. I love my cinnamon to have lots of dark chocolate syrup ontop.


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