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Thursday, February 16, 2006

10 Things I Love About Egypt

1.It’s rich history, just makes me feel so proud.

2.The beautiful scenery especially in the Red Sea and Sinai.

3.The hospitality and kindness of Egyptians.

4.The fact that you can win over any Egyptian if you smiled at him/her

5.The Egyptian sense of humor. The ability to laugh at your problems and miseries.

6.The readiness of an Egyptian to help even if he/she doesn’t know how.

7.The lifestyle of Egypt’s upper and upper middle class. The idea of merging elements of the west with eastern traditions. It’s cute.

8.The weather. Gets unbearable in the summer but other countries are definitely worse.

9.The social life. The importance of family and family life.

10.Old Egyptian movies (I watch them and weep over what we missed)

10 Things I Hate About Egypt

1.The ugly bureaucracy and corruption of the entire administrative system

2.The roads. The air pollution, noise pollution, bumpy roads, crazy drivers, etc.

3.Poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance of a large chunk of the population

4.The ugly fake mindless religiosity that has eaten up our minds.

5.The absence of the word “planning” from Egypt’s dictionary.

6.The inability to produce stuff with no faults. A fault is omnipresent in almost anything made in Egypt (except is this thing is destined to be exported!)

7.The deteriorating relationship between Muslims and Christians.

8.A Saudi who lives in Mecca can drink alcohol in Egypt during the month of Ramadan while an Egyptian can’t! (To appease religious radicals, the government forbids serving of alcoholic beverages to Egyptian citizens during Ramadan, non-Egyptians are allowed)

9.Foreigners or Egyptians with dual citizenships are treated in a much better way (by police, government employees, etc) than the country’s citizens.

10. The horrible fact that nothing gets done if you don’t have the necessary connections!


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