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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Actions Not Preaching Please

Amr Khaled, an infamous Muslim televangelist, will embark on a campaign to "explain Islam" to Danes. He will organize an interfaith youth conference in Copenhagen in an attempt to open a dialogue with Danes and show them what real Islam is.

Well, this is definitely a noble thing to do; however, I think it will amount to nothing.

First, it seems that Mr. Khaled and virtually the entire Muslim world cannot fathom the fact that the Danish media does not represent the Danes. The Danes have nothing to do with what a single paper printed there. Unlike our media, the media in developed countries reflect the opinions of those who work at the media outlet and not the entire public. If Amr Khaled wants to do a conference, the ones who should be invited are those working for J-Posten.

Second, the Danes don't even know their god! Very few have stepped inside a church (weddings and funerals excluded!) So I don't think they would bother to know about a god of someone else. They don't have the time. They're busy. They know about gods of other people from how these people react, period. And judging from how we reacted towards the cartoons issue, well, I don't need to say huh.

Third, the milk has already been spilled Mr. Khaled. The reason I joined the "Buy Danish" campaign and the reason I was all against this stupid boycott was because I knew Arabs/Muslims would squander an amazing opportunity to show the world how well they will react. Instead of writing angry letters to J-Posten's editor and boycotting companies that advertise in the paper, the crazy knee jerk reaction coming 4 months after the thing was published destroyed all hopes for using this opportunity to "explain Islam".

So Mr. Khaled, save your money.


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