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Thursday, February 23, 2006

America Akbar!

I had an hour to spare at work today. I got off my desk and walked down the corridor talking with a few colleagues about the bombing of the Shia shrine yesterday. The only word I heard more than a hundred times was "America". My fellow educated colleagues actually believe it was US forces behind the bombing of the shrine in order to implement their "divide and conquer" plan. They (i.e US forces) want to plant sectarianism in Iraq and so they kill Shias and bomb their holy mosques in order to fuel hatred towards Sunnis.

"Ummmmmmm" I said. "Well, thanks, you just made me a worshipper of America. I stopped believing in God. Because if what you are saying is true, then America was in fact capable of convincing thousands of Sunni youth from outside Iraq to not just kill Shias but to die in the process as well. Definitely America has supernatural power in order to be able to convince such a huge number of suicide bombers and therefore the statue of liberty and the casinos of Vegas are God. America Akbar!"


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