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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Patient Name: Arab/Muslim World
Age: 35 (brain 1.3 years)
Date: 19 February, 2006


Patient visited The Big Pharaoh Medical Center (BPMC) after complaining of abnormal reactions after being exposed to newspaper cartoons. Patient said that whenever he sees a cartoon, he gets the feeling that he wants to “burn an embassy, burn a flag, and get himself killed by anti-riots police.” He also stated that his eyes turn red and his veins pop out at the sight of danish pastry.

Medical Exam

BPMC underwent several psychological exams on the patient. The patient was exposed to cartoons and pieces of danish pastry. After 2 minutes, patient exhibited the same reactions he said he exhibits when he sees these 2 objects.

Pieces of American brownies were then administered to the patient in order to know if there was a direct relationship between the country origin of the pastry and the symptoms the patient exhibits. The patient fainted when the American brownies were administered.

The sight of KFC’s Colonel Sanders triggers immense gagging as well.


BPMC found that the patient suffers from Muslim Cartoon Syndrome epidemic discovered by Professor The Sandmonkey. He was exposed to cartoons insulting the prophet 4 months ago yet exhibited no symptoms. Symptoms started to appear 4 months after exposure date.

This perfectly coincides with the findings of Professor The Sandmonkey. “MCS is a fast spreading epidemic, that has a very good chance of getting an unspecified number of people killed, but is especially good at getting Muslims to kill other Muslims. It can be spread via 1) Hearing about cartoons insulting the prophet, or 2) Reading about cartoons insulting the prophet. However, actually viewing such Prophet-inuslting cartoons will not cause an infection; on the contrary, nothing will happen and no one will get agitated.” Professor The Sandmonkey wrote in the latest issue of Medical Blogs.


BPMC prescribed the following medication:

1.Massaging body with Lurpak butter twice daily.

2. 3 daily tablets of Puk cheese.

3. Keeping a Danish cow as a pet at patient’s home.

4. Hiring a nurse to repeat those words to patient 24 hours a day: grow up Islam is not in danger, grow up Islam is not in danger, grow up Islam is not in danger.

Thank you for consulting BPMC.

Sincerely Yours,
Doctor Tutankhamun.


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