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Monday, February 13, 2006

Boycott Till You Die

I was just informed by a colleague at work of something very disturbing. I entered his office and he greeted me with what his mother did yesterday.

"Both my mother and my sister are diabetic. They should take Insulin Mixtard on a constant basis. That's the only insulin their body is comfortable with. Yesterday while reading the paper, I came across an ad published by the Egyptian Doctors Syndicate. They were advising pharmacists to stop buying Danish pharmaceutical products. They had a list of medicine the pharmacists should boycott. Insulin Mixtard was on the list. When I told my mom, she quickly got on the phone and ordered a 4 months stock of Mixtard. That's very serious. If we couldn't find Mixtard, we'll have to import it ourselves" he said.

Ladies and gentlemen, is insane a good word to describe this situation. I simply can't find any other word. My mind is blocked from the level of ignorance and stupidity I'm bombarded with ever since this cartoons thing erupted (4 months after they were published!)

God save us.


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