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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dane Sees Greed and Politics in the Crisis

It seems that the Danish government is upset with how a number of European companies have reacted.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday that attempts by European companies in the Middle East to disassociate themselves from Denmark or Danish products were "disgraceful."

Mr. Rasmussen did not refer to a particular business organization or country. But his response came in reply to a question referring to attempts in the Arab world by companies associated with Nestlé, the Swiss food giant, and Carrefour, the French retailer, to distance themselves from Denmark. Danish industry estimates it has lost more than $55 million in sales in the Middle East since the furor began a week ago.

I've said before that Carrefour Egypt did a correct business decision by removing Danish goods from its shelves. However, I've also stated that the signs that were placed at Carrefour to announce the boycott were very misleading and made it as if there was a systematic anti-Islam wave all over Denmark. If Denmark wants to have serious talk with Carrefour, then it has to be over these signs.


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