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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Egypt orders domestic bird cull

The Egyptian government has ordered the slaughter of all poultry kept in homes, as part of efforts to stop the spread of bird flu in the country.

The government has called on Egyptians to stay calm, and not to dispose of slaughtered or dead birds in the roads, irrigation canals or the Nile River.

Correspondents say the sudden arrival and spread of the disease over the past few days has caused widespread panic among Egyptians.

Yes..Everyone is panicking. Millions of chicken and other birds are kept in homes in all Egypt, in literally all cities of Egypt. The economic impact will be devastating. The poor paultry seller was ordered to close down his shop. Farm owners lost millions of pounds as they had to slaughter all their chicken. This is very serious.

A friend stopped eating cakes. I asked for the reason. "Eggs go into the making of cakes" she said.

To my fellow Egyptians: they were asked not to "dispose of slaughtered or dead birds in the roads, irrigation canals, and the Nile River." Please say a big AMEN.


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