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Monday, February 20, 2006

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to Fund Hamas

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood announced that they would raise funds for Hamas after the international community pledged to cut aid. This will cause a very complicated problem. Muslim Brotherhood supporters are all over the world including the US. Now any money donated to the Palestinians would be considered to be directed towards a terrorist organization because Hamas is now in control of Palestine's economy and finances.

I admit I haven't given the issue much thought. I don't want Hamas to get hundreds of millions of dollars, yet I don't want to see more suffering on the average Palestinian who just wants to put food on the table. It's a dilema. I'll think about it and post about it later.

Well, wait a minute. I have a short term solution. Yasser Arafat left around $200 million (according to Forbes Magazine's estimate). Why can't Soha Arafat loosen up the bank accounts a little bit? Well, I don't think she'll do that. Why would she? Her husband didn't do it to his own people.

Source: Al Arabiya (Arabic)


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