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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Egypt's First Presidential Kiss

First Lady Suzanne Mubarak bent down and kissed her husband President Mubarak as she was celebrating Egypt's win of the African nations football championship. Millions saw the "kiss clip" live on TV or via chain emails.

You might say "big deal". Well, it's big deal here. This might be the very time in Egypt's presidential history for Egyptians to see the wife kissing her president husband live on TV. Nevertheless, I believe what she did triggered more positive reactions than negatives. It is true that husbands and wives don't kiss in public in traditional Egypt, and it's true that the president is expected to retain "his dignity". However, Egypt was in the midst of a huge celebration and Suzanne's reaction was very natural and understandable.

Now the talk of the town is: was it a French kiss??!

Another famous first lady kiss involved Jehane Sadat, wife of Anwar Sadat. She didn't kiss her husband in public, she got a kiss from Jimmy Carter. My parents told me that people were joking about it, fanatics were not so happy though.

To view the Mubarak Kiss, click here.

N.B. Many thanks to Egyptian blogger Tomanbay who told me about Google Videos. Apart from the long video verification period, Google Videos is great.


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