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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Galloway refused entry to Egypt

MP George Galloway has been barred from entering Egypt by security officials.

He had travelled to Egypt to give evidence at a "mock trial" of Tony Blair and US President George Bush.

A spokesman for Respect said Mr Galloway has been a critic of Mubarak "and of other pro-western governments in the Middle East".

Mr Galloway has recently sparked controversy in the UK by becoming a contestant on Channel 4's reality show Big Brother.

The Respect MP, who was not paid his Commons salary while on TV, has been accused of letting down constituents - and was ridiculed for impersonating a cat.

Mr. Galloway, please, we have enough lunatics here. We don't need another one imported from Scotland. Please return home and impersonate a champanzee this time. It might help your falling ratings.


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