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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Global Opinion on The War in Iraq

A poll was carried out in several nations and found that the unanimous majority in these countries believed the war in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism.

There are other interesting findings though.

In Iraq itself, opinion is evenly divided with 49% favoring an early withdrawal and the same number wanting US-led forces to stay.

I've always said that Iraq was the most pro-war country in the world. The vast majority wanted Saddam out and the vast majority welcomed coalition troops as liberators. However, fatal mistakes by the US, the ruthlessness of the terrorists, and other reasons have squandered the "joy" of Saddam's removal and the goodwill the US could have garnered from Iraqis.

The poll also found out that 74% of Iraqis say that Saddam's removal was the right decision. That's amazing. Despite all the daily hardships, such a huge percentage still believed it was worthwhile to remove him.

However in Iran, perhaps surprisingly, support for the US-led forces remaining jumped from 36% to 74% in response to an Iraqi request.

Now that's interesting. It is time for us to learn how to differentiate between the Iranian people and their rulers. They are the complete opposite. Opposite in everything. They share nothing in common. Even religion, the Iranians, especially the youth, are becoming less and less religious.

To download the survey results click here.


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