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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hell Now

I haven’t seen the movie Paradise Now and so I won’t comment on it. However, I want just to discuss the Palestinian suicide bomber or the PSB and his/her effect on our socities.

First, there is a current controversy regarding the country origins of this Oscar nominated movie. Well, this movie is Palestinian and its from Palestine and the word “Palestine” should be on the Oscar list. I don’t know any other way to say it more clearly. Palestine is a country even if it’s still not on paper. Case closed.

Now the Palestinian suicide bomber. I regard the PSB as someone who have done lots of harm to the Arab/Muslim nations and no good whatsoever. A PSB embodies everything horrible, everything stupid we are suffering from. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the PSB, I hate him, I hate her, and I believe s/he resides now in the lowest pit of hell. If the devil himself thinks its too hot down there.

We have a saying in Egypt that says “if you play with fire, you will get burned by it”. We as an Arab/Muslim nation have embraced the PSB as a holy martyr and we ended up being burned by the same fire that killed those Israeli civilians in the Tel Aviv café or pizza parlor. In other words, by legitimizing the PSB, by glorifying him as a martyr, we as an Arab/Muslim nation have given our approval to this sick method of killing. What was the result? Other groups started to use the same method to kill Americans in New York, Brits in London, Egyptians in Sharm el Sheikh, Jordanians in Amman, Bengalis in Bangladesh, and Muslim Shias in Iraq and Pakistan. We ended up drinking from the same cup we gave to the Israelis.

Second, I don’t have any problem with someone who prays before he goes to war or someone who blows himself up as some sort of sacrifice. Yet I do have a problem with the person who religiously sanctions the killing of innocent civilians. If you want to kill civilians, go ahead and do it, yet please don’t involve the divine in your sick mission. Don’t claim that God ordered you to kill those people and don’t claim that he will welcome you with open arms up there. You know why? Because God is not that sick.

Third, the PSB has created a cult of death in our nations. Just watching Palestinian kids donning suicide belts in street parades and pictures of PSBs adorning streets in Gaza and Lebanon just makes me want to vomit. Legitimizing and religiously sanctioning the despicable act of the PSB is sending a very wrong message to our children. Instead of looking up to scientists, athletes, or even army generals, we teach our children to take killers as heroes and role models. This is pathetically sick.

Well, the Palestinian suicide bomber is desperate! Yea right. The above kid is much more desperate yet he doesn’t blow himself up yet alone kill others in the process.


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