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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hunting for Lurpak

Today I tried to find Lurpak butter in the Egyptian market. I went to 2 small grocery stores and I didn't find it.

I then went to Metro, a German supermarket chain. At the entrance I bumped into a sign that read "Metro stores decided to boycott Danish products as a result of their insult towards the Prophet Muhammed". That's the literal translation of the Arabic. I'm wondering how can Danish products insult the prophet!

Anyway, I went to the butter section and saw stacks of butter from all around the world: France, Germany, Holland. No Denmark I'm afraid! I turned right and saw a sign. "Danish Lurpak butter and Puk cheese were removed from our shelves" it said.

Well, I didn't find Lurpak butter, but I found its Egyptian counterfeit.


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