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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Iran paper seeks cartoon revenge
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An Iranian paper is holding a contest for cartoons about the Holocaust, to retaliate against the publication of images of the Prophet Muhammad.

Hamshahri says it wants to test the boundaries of free speech, echoing the reasons European papers gave for publishing the caricatures.

"Does the West's freedom of expression extend to... an event such as the Holocaust or is this freedom of expression only for the desecration of the sanctities of divine religions?" the best-selling paper said in its announcement.

I am sick and tired of this argument. I have responded to the Holocaust thing here. Besides, a reader from Denmark informed me that they don't have Holocaust rules in Denmark. That means that anyone is free to deny it over there.

Update: Slater, from Denmark, just posted the following comment:

Yup, it's true. We don't have any laws against holocaust denial. Denmark is really much more free than the USA and most European countries will ever be.

But regardless, I really don't see why they're trying to offend JEWS for what we did. The percentage of the Danish population that is Jewish is no larger than in any other EU country, our official religion is protestantism and most of us are atheists, we don't speak Hebrew, and most Danes even support the Palestinians in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Or rather: they used to. This idiocy may well have changed that.I really don't get it.

What the heck are they always after the Jews for?

To the Palestinians who burned the Danish flag: Bravo, great work guys!!! You just lost the Danes!


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