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Monday, February 20, 2006

It All Started Here

I just read in the independent paper Al Masr Al Youm that the Danish government is accusing Egypt of being a major player in inciting the cartoon issue and fanning the flames of rage.

The Danish government is totally correct. I wrote about the role of the Egyptian government back in December 21, 2005. Say it one more time: December 21, 2005!

I said that by carrying out the "cartoons jihad" itself, Egypt's government aimed at portraying itself as "the guardian of the faith"especially after the Muslim Brotherhood's spectacular victories in the parliamentary elections. It also wants to divert attention away from internal issues especially since everyone was talking about internal affairs back then (presidential elections, parliament elections, etc).

I believe the Egyptian government resorted to Big Brother Saudi Arabia after the cartoon things failed to "click" with the masses ops I mean the sheep. If you remember, hell broke loose when Saudi clerics adopted the jihad themselves and started the boycott in Saudi. The snow ball started to move from that stage. And it was 4 months after the thing was published.

It's not a surprise then that Egypt's ambassador in Denmark was replaced. I won't be surprised either nor saddened if Denmark decided to cut diplomatic relations.


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