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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jordanian Paper Publishes Cartoons
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The Jordanian weekly paper "Shayhan" published 3 of the J-Posten cartoons and urged Muslims to think rationally.

The paper's editor, Jihad El Momeni, had something very interesting to say. "What insults Islam more?" he asked in his editorial. "a foreigner who drew the prophet or a Muslim who donned a bomb belt and committed suicide in the midst of a wedding party in Amman or anywhere else?"

"What forces the world more to blaspheme Islam, cartoon drawings or a real beheading scene of a hostage with the cry of "Allahu Akbar" being heard in the background?" El Momeni asked.

Mr. Momeni, you definitely have my respect.

Source: Al Arabiya (Arabic)

Update: Ladies and gentlemen, do you really want to know why we will stay in this abyss of stupidity and irrationality for so long? It's not because we don't have those who think rationally, it's because those who think rationally and force us to look in the mirror are often persecuted and banned. The editor of this Jordanian paper was fired today!


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