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Friday, February 24, 2006

Jumblatt Says "I'm Sorry"

US Secretary of State Condi Rice met with Lebanese Druze (a sect out of Shia Islam) leader when she made a surprise visit to the country yesterday.

There is a rule in Lebanese politics that says: today's friend could be my enemy the coming hour, and viceverse. However, no Lebanese politician has managed to change positions like Jumblatt. A mere 3 years ago, he was a staunch ally of Syria and a US hater. Today he is the complete opposite.

Well, Jumblatt's new look forced him to apologize to Rice for something he said at the beginning of the Iraq war. He said that Rice's skin is oil-colored and hence she went into Iraq!

Jumblatt also expressed regret that Paul Wolfowitz was not killed when a missile hit the Baghdad hotel he was staying in. This led the US government to revoke Jumblatt's entry visa to the US. I guess the Druze guy has to also apologize if he met the world bank president.


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