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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Muslim Leaders Issue a Statement

A group of religious personalities from around the world issued a statement condemning the violence that accompanied some of the cartoons riots and called upon Muslims to "avoid reacting towards the insults in ways that are not allowed in Islam". They said that such actions "tarnish our just demands and cause isolation that prevents us from addressing the world".

"Bringing victory to our prophet does not come by breaking his laws" the statement said. Then they went on to warn against "holding non-Muslims in our countries responsible for the actions of those who insulted our prophet".

The statement did not refer to the boycott at all. So it seems that they are not endorsing not rejecting it. It then called upon the international community to pass laws that makes the insult of Mohammed, Jesus and Moses a criminal offence. (what about Buddha?)

Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader currently residing in a palace in Doha Qatar, and one of the ugliest hypocrites on the face of this earth, refused to endorse the statement that was issued by very high profile Sunni and Shia leaders. Al Arabiya said that his refusal might be because he wants to "exacerbate" the issue.

This statement is a huge positive development. I am so glad it was issued and I hope it gets media attention abroad.

However, I do have 2 comments. First, my main concern in this who cartoons issue is not the violence that happened but rather the entire knee jerk reaction that happened 4 months after the publication of the drawings. Second, I am totally against the boycott and the vilification of an entire nation because of what an independent newspaper printed there. This boycott showed how far away we are from the concept of free press and free speech. In short, the whole "boycott Denmark" thing was simply just so stupid.

The right reaction to the cartoons is as follows: millions of letters to the editor and a boycott of companies that advertise in J-Posten. Period.

The prime minister of Denmark is not responsible for what J-Posten prints, so is the Danish cow.

Source: Al Arabiya (Arabic)


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