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Sunday, February 19, 2006

OK, This is Serious

We laughed enough over the cartoons issue. We had a good laugh at the boycott and the boycott the boycott thing. Yet that still cannot negate the fact that the issue is in fact very serious and troubling.

I wrote before that we’re currently in the midst of a clash of civilizations and this clash won’t end unless Islam experience what Christianity and Judaism experienced which is religious reform. However, there is another clash going on, a subset of the larger clash of civilization, a clash between Islam and Christianity.

As I mentioned before, we tend to look at everything through the prism of religion. We believe that everything around us has a religious explanation. The US invaded Iraq, that means the US wants to destroy Islam and suck up its oil. A number of Arab Christians write an evangelizing Christian book and call it the Furqan, that means the US government is writing a new Quran in order to convert Muslims to Christianity. An independent Danish newspaper prints insulting cartoons of the prophet, that means Christians are out there to insult Islam.

It doesn’t matter if there are more atheists in Denmark than people who just believe in God, yet alone Christianity. It doesn’t matter that the vast majority of Danes didn’t even set a foot in a church before. Danes have fare skin, Danes have blue eyes, Danes have a cross on their flag, so Danes are Christian. That’s how the thinking goes. And this is why Christians were attacked in Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, and threatened in Palestine (luckily, Egypt was sparred, but that train is never too late!). And this is why Muslims are asking the question: don’t we respect Jesus as well, why don’t they respect Mohamed? They simply don’t know that someone in the “Christian” west had decided to put a crucifix in a jar full of his piss and call it art.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are marching towards very dark days. The gulf between Islam and the west is getting wider everyday. And the west don’t need to show more tolerance because it has already shown it. It is us who need to change. It is us who need to complete what we started over 80 years ago and got interrupted by fake nationalism and lately chauvinistic religiosity.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the results of a poll I saw on a religious website. The poll asked visitors whether the cartoons crisis indicate a strive between Islam and Christianity or a strive between people of religion and radical atheists. 53.08% said it’s a clash between Islam and Christianity.

Now that’s troubling. I can hear victims of religious wars agreeing.

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