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Friday, February 03, 2006

Please Buy ARLA FOODS Products

Boycott costing Arla £1m per day

Danish-Swedish dairy giant Arla Foods says the ongoing boycott of Danish products in the Middle East had so far cost it between £40m and £50m.

As the Muslim world refuses to buy Danish goods in protest over cartoons published in a Danish newspaper, Arla is losing £1m a day.

Please concentrate your buying on Arla Foods products. That's the Danish company mostly hit by the boycott here due to her extensive business dealings in the Gulf area.

Some people might ask me why I am doing this? Why I am swimming against the current? I'm doing this because two things raise my temper: a baby screaming and childish acts. I consider this boycott one of the most childish things I've ever seen.

An INDEPENDENT, can you hear this word my fellow Arabs and Muslims, INDEPENDENT, newspaper published insulting cartoons of the prophet, what does Arla Foods, a company that employs thousands here, have to do with it???

OK you got your semi-apology (the paper did NOT apologize for the cartoons), are you happy now? Well, look what you've got along with this semi-apology from J-Posten. You managed to incite papers around Europe to publish the same cartoons, and you managed to convince billions of how childish you are and how unready you are to embrace the values of liberal democracy. You might be ready to throw a ballot in a ballot box and draw a grin on your face afterwards, yet you are NOT ready to embrace the values of an open free system that will give the right to idiots such as J-Posten to publish stuff you don't like.

Grow up, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease grow up.

Arla Foods are very active in the US. They have a good range of products there. Check their American website here and here.



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