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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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To all my American friends, congratulations!!! Haven't you noticed it?? These days your country is not our villain anymore. Denmark is having its share of our flag burning parades. Sorry my Danish friends, but give these poor Americans a rest and take their place for a moment. I know you're generous.

America, this is the time to celebrate.

Update: This post got some of the funniest comments I ever read. Here are just a few of the ones I liked:

I don't know, BP. We're used to being #1. It took the work of many generations to put the "great" in Great Satan. It doesn't seem fair the Danes should just saunter in and take all that away from us with a few measly cartoons.But I suppose this must sound petty. Perhaps the Danes are entitled to enjoy their day in the sun. (JohnL)

Well, we Danes have always joked about the lack of world wide knowledge about our country.But 12 small cartoons certainly changed all that.Sorry to all you Americans for working so hard all these years to stay on top of the Most Hated list. (Marianne)

we're not number 1 anymore?? C'mon US.. we're gonna have to work harder!! Look out, Denmark, the we'll get our title back from you yet!! (jw)

Enjoy your time in the spotlight Denmark, I can assure you, we are probably only one step away from pissing off the world again. (t)

I'm really frustrated. I was praying Holland would for once be the Great Satan, but we are as usual being ignored. (Infidel)

Hey, you've goot to admit the "death to the U.S.A" chant was getting old. "Death to Denmark" however is as fresh as can be, not to mention absurd and utterly pathetic. It really does sound like something out of a monthy python sketch. (Einherjar )

Hold it!You mean America in no longer NUMBER ONE???!!!Oh, how the mighty Satan has fallen!Pushed aside in the Great Infidel Smack-down by TINY DENMARK!Gosh, the SHAME I fell as a patriotic American! (Jeffery)

lol.It's an American day of rest! Enjoy it, my fellow countrymen, because tomorrow, we will surely have to get back on that horse. (C MAR II)

We invaded somebody and somebody took the top spot with a fricken cartoon? Is it my imagination or are there always people in the middle east burning flags? (Mike)

We are happy to have some relief. It is hard work being the Great Satan of the World for 26 years straight! (Original Jeff)

YEAAAAAA!!!! How long do we get? A week? WOW, we've never had a vacation before. (Tina)

if the U.S. just wanted to be hated, why couldn't we have published cartoons, rather than send in troops? It would have been sooo much cheaper! (Solomon2)


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