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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shaboola Weighs In

No....This is getting hilarious by the minute. Do you guys remember Shabaan Abdel Rahim, the satarical Egyptian singer and his mega popular hit "I hate Israel"? Now, Shabaan or Shaboola as we nickname him has a new song. It's not anti-Israel this time nor is it's....yes you guessed it....anti-Denmark!

My favorite part of the song:

What Denmark?! Even cow owners?! Who are they to insult the prophet.

The Arabic lyrics rhyme very well!!

The song is all over the music channels. Denmark, for the zillionth time, welcome to the club, go sit beside your fellow club members Israel and America. And don't worry, your membership gonna last for a looooong time.

Egyptian blogger Jimmy has analysis on the song. Check it out.


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